Everyone can discover a much richer sexual experience.

Most people got an impression that they need to do some therapy.

It might be relevant in some cases, but in most cases:


You’ve just been given a poor model of sex that doesn't work.


It’s not you – it’s the technology.

You are trying to get more out of it, but this is it.


Yes it’s ok, and you can get brief fun and some pleasure.

But if you really want a great experience, an amazing connection and enrichment with energies, love, wellbeing, then:


Stop trying to heal and do therapy.

Just learn a new and better approach.


You re not broken.

You were just given a poor practice.



What I teach confronts everything you know from mainstream sex.

The purpose is to give you better, more effective and easier practice.


Over 20 years ago I trained in, and extensively studied, alternative approaches to sexuality, particularly the Tantric and Taoist methods.


I am not really in agreement with what has happened in the industry over the last 20 years of my work, so I am not aligned with what is currently taught as Tantric or Taoist.


But from that foundation I have now spent just under 20 years intensively working in my studio with couples and individuals. It was intensive practical research, testing and development of better techniques and approaches in the same direction as Tantric and Taoist approaches were initially meant to provide – but perhaps never quite managed industry-wide.


My particular focus was to make it simple, relatable and practical in daily life.


This very honed in, tested and distilled body of  knowledge is what I teach to you now as an alternative to the mainstream technique.

How I transform your experience:


There are several major shifts you can make right now.


Things you never questioned.

Shifting your perspectives will shift your activity in sex more than technique.


What do you actually want from sex?

What is really important?

How do you go about it? Does that achieve it?

What is in the way, or causing pressure?

How can things be easier and more relaxed?

What do you feel has to happen? Does it have to?

Is there a better and easier way to all of the above?

And MANY other ideas you need to shift (trust me – many!)


A new vision, and a new freedom.

That will open new worlds.


I will teach you many new, better techniques:

  • for every part of the body

  • for every part of the sex act

  • for different kinds of sex


You will change a lot on the physical technique.

But you also need to change a lot in the focus and emotional technique.


It’s not complicated, the techniques are fairly straightforward.




All current sexual technique is ineffective.

There is a huge misunderstanding of the body.

And how the body works with mind and emotion.


Without new techniques you can’t create a better experience.

You are stuck with the poor technique.


Sex can’t be scripted – or it won’t be alive.


I am a professional teacher – so I know I can’t just give you templates and sequences.


I have to grow your own creativity and mastery.


The new thinking and new techniques will give you new tools.

But I also give you practical ways to stay fresh and creative.


You will have ways to build up your intuitive mastery and art.




© Alexey Welsh 2020