Over the last 20 years I’ve had experience working with most situations and typical problems that people have in sex. I probably already have a well-worked and tested solution for your situation.


My approach is to teach you a better practice, rather than to focus on it as therapy. We go with the simple idea that you practice something differently you will get a better result. In my experience most people have problems in sex not because they need healing but because they have been given a poor practice.




No Sex Because of Kids

No Time For Sex

No Energy For Sex

Sex Life Has Fizzled Out

Need to Reconnect After Problems

Restarting Sex After A Break

Sex With Health Problems

Sex in Older Age



Problems With Erection

No Desire For Partner

Premature Ejaculation

Performance Anxiety

Lack of Experience

Excessive Sex Drive

Prolonging Sex



Painful Sex

Vaginismus / Contraction

Low Desire / Libido

Problems With Arousal

Lack of Feeling / Sensitivity

Pressure to Orgasm

Worries About Orgasm

Self-Consciousness in Sex

Lack of Sexual Experience

Lack of Confidence in Sex

Being in Your Head in Sex

Body Image Problems in Sex

Sex After Menopause

You can read more in detail about each situation, including how to resolve it, on:


LoveFlow Education




Read more about the different issues and how they are addressed:



All my sessions with clients are:



We focus only on what you actually need to do and to know, no waffle.



What is practical in everyday busy life?



I work to be on your frequency and speak your language.



I thoroughly understand your situation and work out what’s most important to teach to you specifically.



I only suggest and I will try to understand any doubts or obstacles and find an even better approach for you.





I work in two formats: practical workshops or consultations.


This is a special method in my practice that I have developed over the nearly 20 years of my work with clients.


It is a much more effective method than a normal talking consultation. It is hard to learn about sex by talking – sex has to be learned by practice and by feeling. With this unique method I am able to deliver strong results very quickly.


What is involved in the workshop


In the practical workshop partners engage physically with each other.

This may involve touch, holding, body movement, or intimate touching.

There may be specific sequences and guidance on how to focus and how to feel.

All activities are realistic in order to teach you elements of sexual technique.


My role is to explain, and then verbally guide you through these experiences.

I observe, guide and correct.


I am an experienced coach in this method and all activities are very structured, tested and designed for your maximum retention.


How the workshop typically goes


Each workshop is designed specifically for your unique situation.


We start with the discussion of your situation, your sex life and your aims and needs.


I work out what is most important to teach you and suggest to you your unique sequence of the workshop.


We start with explanation from me on the main themes.


You then progress to techniques / activities with my guidance.

There is a smooth flow of explanation – practice – feedback – next discussion.

I remain flexible to keep focusing the workshop on your needs.

All activities are at your comfort level and always pre-discussed.

There are lots of options to keep it flexible for you– you can choose the level of clothing, you can replace some activities with explanations, etc.


In person and online


Workshops can take place in my studio in London.


Workshops can be given over a videolink to your home.


Not everyone is comfortable with practical activities.

This format is a conversation-only session, with no activities.


We start with the discussion of your situation, your sex life and your aims and needs.


I work out what is most important to teach you and we cover the topics and techniques within the consultation.


You practice them in your own time and come back for a follow up if you need to.



In person and online


Consultations can take place in my studio in London.


Consultations can be given over a videolink to your home.


When I work with couples with difficulties it is usually unrealistic to expect it to be a one-off tip or a one-off lecture. It’s important to design the correct process.


Generally the process has to go like this:


Discussion - in depth, to understand exactly what solutions you need.


First session - This would be the main first input to make shifts and set you on the right track.


Home practice - you practice the first steps we agreed.


Follow up sessions - well we see how you progress, we introduce next steps and you practice them at home.


If you try to practice everything at once after the first session most often it would be too much and it might be counter-productive.


The suggested number of sessions and how long they should be will depend on your difficulties and the process needed.


Some situations can be easily adjusted with one session and no more is needed, and some situations need a very careful progressive touch so you don’t have setbacks.


Book your 30-minute free call with me

We will discuss your needs and I will suggest how we will work.


First session

Workshop: 4 hours / £250

Consultation: 3 hours / £180


Follow up sessions

Cost: £80 per hour.

Typically sessions of 2-3 hours in length at 2-4 week intervals.

Depending on the program I have designed for you.

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