I love working with people who ‘have no problems really, just want to explore and discover more’.


Yes -why not?

Why should you only learn about sex if there is a problem?

Why do we think it’s normal to learn about sex only if it falls below some standard line of an average experience?


Do you want normal / average, or do you want special?


You are with someone, experiencing this beautiful magical thing.

You may be together for a long time.

Your sex life is a living, growing, evolving thing.

A world of places to discover and experiences to live.

Why wouldn't you want to keep growing together?

What else can you discover?

What else can you experience?


And what about keeping your sexual relationship healthy and alive so that it continues with no problems?


My take is:

If you have no problems – there is even more you can learn and find together.

Because you are well.

This gives a great space to learn and enjoy new experiences together.

To find new varieties of sex.




Many new techniques to enhance your experience.


A new variety and richness of sexual energies.


How to feel even more deeply connected in sex.


How to share even more love during sex.


How to make sex enriches your daily life with nourishing energy.


How to always stay fresh and creative and avoid routine.


How to let go of all performance and pressures together.


How to make sex even easier and more consistent in busy life.


How to make sure your sex life keeps growing with time instead of dwindling.


How to create a sustainable ever-green sex life.



All of this will be very practical and nothing like you’ve already seen in mainstream advice.





All my sessions with clients are:



We focus only on what you actually need to do and to know, no waffle.



What is practical in everyday busy life?



I work to be on your frequency and speak your language.



I thoroughly understand your situation and work out what’s most important to teach to you specifically.



I only suggest and I will try to understand any doubts or obstacles and find an even better approach for you.





I work in two formats: practical workshops or consultations.


This is a special method in my practice that I have developed over the nearly 20 years of my work with clients.


It is a much more effective method than a normal talking consultation. It is hard to learn about sex by talking – sex has to be learned by practice and by feeling. With this unique method I am able to deliver strong results very quickly.


What is involved in the workshop


In the practical workshop partners engage physically with each other.

This may involve touch, holding, body movement, or intimate touching.

There may be specific sequences and guidance on how to focus and how to feel.

All activities are realistic in order to teach you elements of sexual technique.


My role is to explain, and then verbally guide you through these experiences.

I observe, guide and correct.


I am an experienced coach in this method and all activities are very structured, tested and designed for your maximum retention.


How the workshop typically goes


Each workshop is designed specifically for your unique situation.


We start with the discussion of your situation, your sex life and your aims and needs.


I work out what is most important to teach you and suggest to you your unique sequence of the workshop.


We start with explanation from me on the main themes.


You then progress to techniques / activities with my guidance.

There is a smooth flow of explanation – practice – feedback – next discussion.

I remain flexible to keep focusing the workshop on your needs.

All activities are at your comfort level and always pre-discussed.

There are lots of options to keep it flexible for you– you can choose the level of clothing, you can replace some activities with explanations, etc.


In person and online


Workshops can take place in my studio in London.


Workshops can be given over a videolink to your home.


Not everyone is comfortable with practical activities.

This format is a conversation-only session, with no activities.


We start with the discussion of your situation, your sex life and your aims and needs.


I work out what is most important to teach you and we cover the topics and techniques within the consultation.


You practice them in your own time and come back for a follow up if you need to.



In person and online


Consultations can take place in my studio in London.


Consultations can be given over a videolink to your home.



Book your 30-minute free call with me

We will discuss your needs and I will suggest how we will work.


First session

First session is the main comprehensive input.

Workshop: 4 hours / £250

Consultation: 3 hours / £180


Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are shorter


When I work with couples who are just exploring I don’t normally break practices in steps over several sessions. This is not useful or needed.


A better model is to work in layers. In the first session I will give you a comprehensive advice on all the main topics in your sex life. Then you go home and practice, and then after some time you can come back to refresh. At that point we freestyle from where you are at the time, what has come up in your practice and the next suggestions I will have for you. There might also be more layers to the practices you have already learned, or they may need a refresher.


I design this process for you.


Learning in layers is very effective and most appropriate for your aims.


Cost: £80 per hour.

Length and frequency of sessions depends on your situation.

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