Alexey Welsh
I will teach you:
I will teach you:

Sex is not just pleasure.

It is an incredibly rich experience that feeds your heart, your soul, your whole being with a powerful sensory nutrition.

There are many places in that world of sexual energy where you haven’t been yet.

Much more range and depth of feelings you can discover.

You can develop your body to have a lot more sensitivity, fitness, variety of sensations and energies.

You can also develop your senses to feel a lot more emotional nourishment, beauty and soulful appreciation in sex.

Sex can be like divine music that touches you on very level.

And you can learn to create an infinite variety of this music.
Sex can be a powerful experience of love.

You can be truly, deeply loved in sex - and it will make your life flourish.

You can express that energy of love in sex, and it will make you empowered.

You can feed each other with love and it will mean everything.

You will grow together more, your day will fill up with happiness from the love you share.
Sex can be a powerful experience of connection.

You can feel the deepest connection with each other and with life.

You can be together in every moment, journeying together.

Truly conversing, speaking through your bodies.

Spending time together.
Sex can be a powerful source in your life.

It can make you feel alive, creative, flowing.

It can give energies to your heart and soul.

When you really explore sexual energy deeply.

Sex has a huge impact on your wellbeing

It will make you feel well in your body, in your emotions, in your moods.
Sex can have true variety.

Not a fake variety of different excitements.

Truly diverse ways of spending time together.

There is nothing you need to give up.

You can have fun sex, passionate sex, loving sex, deep sex, restorative sex, exciting sex, novelty sex, nourishing sex, and many others.

You can feed your heart and your relationship with many truly different experiences. 
Your sex life doesn’t need to fizzle out or rely on meaningless excitements.

You can evolve together into a greater practice of sex.

It only becomes better with years.

It will feel your relationship with energies, aliveness, love and connection.

You don’t need to stimulate desire or passion.

You can learn how to create truly rich sexual energy from scratch, and in many different varieties.

Sex can be forever sustainable, regenerating your love and sexual attraction.

With no effort.
Sex doesn’t need to take a lot of time, or effort or desire.

You can have sex that will be really easy to fit into your busy life.

And yet it will feed you with all the most important soul nutrition for your relationship.

You can have sex when you completely have no energy or desire.

And it will revitalise you and nourish your day with positive energies.
All of this is impossible with mainstream sex.

In fact mainstream sex does the opposite:

It requires a lot of work, intensity and desire.

There is very little range or true variety.

You only feel a fraction of what you could discover.

And it takes a huge amount of work, time and pressure.

This is why sex usually dies in a relationship.

It is not you - the practice just doesn’t work.
This all is possible with
Holistic Sex.
This all is possible with
Holistic Sex.