Alexey Welsh
I work with couples and individuals on their personal goals:
Resolving sexual problems:
- issues with arousal
- issues with desire
- dissatisfaction with sex
- routine / boring sex
- issues with orgasms
- anxieties in sex
- lack of sexual experience
- painful sex
- emotional disconnect in sex
- effects of sexual trauma
- lack of sensation
- sexual incompatibility
- sexual communication
- reconnecting after a break in sex life
Developing your sex life:
- create a richer experience
- discover a lot more of what you can feel
- greater feelings in the body - and in emotions
- expand into true soulful variety
- create more loving, affectionate, connected sex
- bring a spiritual dimension to sex
- experiences sexual energy as a nourishing, empowering force in your life
- make your relationship future proof and evergreen
- make your sex completely easy in your busy and demanding life
All of the teaching is based in the groundbreaking practice of Holistic Sex and does not involve mainstream practices.

One to one (with couples and individuals) coaching involves building a personalised step by step program over a course of sessions.

Where appropriate, you will have practices to do at home in between sessions. Coaching is supported by text, audio and video materials.
What I will teach you:
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